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The Tesserene Imperative - Reviews

The Tesserene Imperative is receiving rave reviews from readers and reviewers. If you like hard-sci-fi thrillers with resourceful heroes, men prospecting in deep space, first contact, and the threat of annihilation for the entire human race, then this is the book for you.

  • “FIVE stars for this book[. I]t was a good read. [A] lot of surprises and twists to keep me guessing.”— Amazon Customerhardcore sick

  • “Just buy it!! I REALLY liked this one!! A ship named Shamu is a HILARIOUS point in my opinion! I read it with the Mars Imperative but it stands TALL on its own. Once again I loved his characters! If you want to lose yourself for a couple of days, I recommend you take this trip!”—David Ridgway

  • “Great yarn! Well written treasure finding adventure, set in deep space! Excellent!!”—Terry (Amazon Australia)

  • “I enjoyed this book very much. [W]ritten in a classic "buddies on a ship" kind of format, it has believable characters, smokin' hot technology ideas and some very interesting 1st contact scenarios. I would highly recommend this book to any hard sci fi fan.”—Hard Sci-Fi Guy

  • “Mark Chapman is another of the young authors that are bringing new and exciting back to science fiction. I love the return to OPTIMISTIC science fiction/space opera, after too long a period of most mainstream science fiction being entirely too dystopian for my taste. The Imperative Chronicles have started off with two strong novels, and I just keep hoping that more will come out soon!”—Michael Kal-El

  • “Quite interesting and involving”—Michael J. Bercutt "professionaltraveler"

  • “the author has put together a good storyline and cast of characters.”—Dave R

  • “I think that this book.would be a great read for young adults!”—zcrazypolak

  • “Very interesting story … worthy of my 5 stars.”—Doc Grit Taylor

  • “Five stars.”—Michael Wiglesworth

  • “Good Book two of series.” Scott Frazer

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