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Fun Pictures

Here are some funny, cool, or amazing pictures I have come across on the Internet. I hope you enjoy them. (I'll add more over time.)

A double rainbow I spotted in my neighborhood in 2013.

Double rainbow I spotted in my neighborhood a few years ago.

This is an amazing chart, showing the relative sizes of various ships from sci-fi TV shows, movies, and games. About the only things missing are the Death Star, V-ger, and a few other behemoths, because they're way too big to fit on even this chart. Click the image to go to the artist's web page to see the full-scale (huge) chart. Once there, click on the image twice to see the full size. Trust me, it's worth your time!

Our first good look at Pluto and its largest moon (of four), Charon, on July 13, 2015. Photo courtesy of NASA JHU APL-SWRI.

A close up view of Pluto. The mountain range at top center is as high as 11,000 ft. Photo courtesy of NASA JHU APL-SWRI.

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