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Fun Videos

Here are some funny, cool, or amazing videos I have come across on the Internet. I hope you enjoy them. (I'll add more over time.)

This incredible NASA video does a great job of illustrating how vast our galaxy is and how many stars there are in it. The "nearby" Andromeda galaxxy dwarfs our own Milky Way. It contains about a trillion stars to our 600 billion.

This is a pretty clever design. This tiny camper expands into something really big and useful. (No, I'm not trying to sell it; I simply think it's really cool.)

Incredible fusion of art and mathematics!

The next time you have a cool half-mil lying around, you might consider getting one of these...

Here is another really clever design. This tiny camper expands quite a bit. Compared to the one above, the sleeping area is smaller, but the kitchen is much larger and it has several cool features not found in the other.

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