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The Imperative Chronicles

Two great novels, one great price!


This 2-book set contains the complete, unabridged, highly rated novels (4.3 and 4.6 stars, respectively), The Mars Imperative (TMI) and The Tesserene Imperative (TTI). If you like hard sci-fi and lots of action, this is the book for you.


Get ready for a near-future universe where the science and technology is as real as anything you might encounter today. It's a universe of space elevators, terraforming, mining camps on Mars, and prospecting in distant asteroid belts; a universe where the Earth is dangerously overpopulated. We must expand outward to survive.


Dangers abound in space, but so do opportunities. Succeed and the galaxy is opened for human exploration; fail and humanity is doomed to extinction.


Which will it be? Come along for the ride of your life. It's a bumpy one, but well worth the trip.


For more information about the individual books, including excerpts and reviews, go to those pages using the green buttons below.

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