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Mark Terence Chapman lives in central North Carolina, USA. He is married to his wonderful (and incrediblly patient) wife of 28+ years. He is the author of two wonderful twenty-something daughters, as well as five published novels. Mark also has authored or co-authored four published nonfiction books:


Curently available:


  • Aliens Versus Zombies

  • My Other Car is a Spaceship (also available as an audiobook)

  • Sunrise Destiny

  • The Mars Imperative

  • The Tesserene Imperative

  • Frequently Misused / Misspelled Words and Phrases (and how to use them correctly)


Out of print:


  • OS/2 Power User's Reference: From OS/2 2.0 Through Warp (1995)

  • IBM eServer xSeries 440 Technical Information Guide ( co-authored in 2001 with Patrick F. DeBroux)

  • Exploring IBM Server & Storage Technology, 6th Ed. (ghost-written with 3 other authors, 2005)


Active Member, Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America

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