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Aliens Versus Zombies on sale for $0.99/£0.99 through 29 Jan. 2015

Aliens Versus Zombies is available on Amazon in 13 countries:


“Zombies and Aliens [were] not something I thought would mix well. I was wrong. Once i started it, I could not put it down although I eventually had to sleep and eat. I breezed through it in a couple of days. What is so great about this is that the author has ordinary people in the story line … They are not experts at anything, they are everyday people that have survived the worst plague in our worlds' history. I do like that the author gives you a quick lesson in virology and biology,(nothing a layman can't follow). It's almost unnoticed but as it continues you will reference it in your mind … The arrogance of the Aliens is literally their undoing as they tamper with things they do not understand. The fight between the Uninfected humans and Aliens is brutal, disturbing and very real. It is war for the survival of each species and the prize is Earth.”—Amanda Felix (5 stars)

“A very different, unique twist on the zombie genre and I did NOT see the ending coming…total surprise. Good pacing, likeable characters that you root for and a true desire on my part to read it as quickly as I could to see what happened next. I honestly can't give a book higher praise than that.”—Susan (5 stars)

“The book was an incredibly entertaining and well-written tale of sci-fi action and suspense. I…was pleasantly surprised to find a rather unique take on the ‘Zombie’ virus that not only explains things a little better than what most would expect, but lends a wonderful foundation of scientific believability to an otherwise 'out there' story.”—C.M.W. Hawkins, Amazon Canada (5 stars)

“Very good book. Interesting concept, for sure…the military tech is believable. The characters are great, and [the story] leaves you mo[u]rning some of their passing. The ending wasn’t expected… Great read.”—Nick C H. (5 stars)

“In the years since I bought my first kindle, I have read at least a hundred books, and this is only the second time I felt obliged to write a review in order to encourage EVERYONE to download and read this different kind of novel. … It is written so well, and is such a "page turner," that, although I almost never read space novels, I could hardly put it down. Can the human race actually overcome in a world that is being overrun by feral zombies - and also attacked from space? While this seems too fantastic, it is made very believable by this excellent author. I dare anyone to download the sample of this book and not go get the rest of the story once that is read. This is one of those books that is worth 10 times the price. What an enjoyable read!”—Brian from Saratoga, NY (5 stars)

“A fun read. Zombies and aliens aren't usually going to be found in the same book. Author Chapman has found a way to blend both genres into a great story, full of excitement and suspense, as a small band of humans find themselves pitted against both zombies and aliens. It's easy to identify with the humans as they struggle for survival; you feel the relentless struggles as they do everything they can to survive. I enjoyed this book very much and recommend it to fans of science fiction (and zombies, too).”—Steve (5 stars)

“Great take on both Zombies and Aliens. I really enjoyed this story. After reading about it and seeing the posts Mr. Chapman listed on the Zombie book page on Facebook, felt like I needed to give it a read. Really glad I did. Great book Mark!”—Teresa Tidwell (5 stars)

“Great read…entertaining…with a lot of action. A book for almost all ages with plenty of surprises.”—Jonathan G. Meyer (5 stars)

“Great Book”—Darrell Hunt (5 stars)

“First you have to understand one thing, I hate Zombie books. But this is a good on[e]. The characters are believable, the action is believable, the science is believable: in other words, a believable book. I wonder if there is going to be a sequel.”—Philip D. Long (5 stars)

“Chapman has joined a group of zombie writers that I have seen emerge recently and I really like: His zombies are not some mystical, magical creation. They have become zombies through an airborne contagion that damaged their brain. There is no doubt that a headshot would drop one, but headshots are not necessary. Shot to the torso will kill them and a hit on an arm or a leg leaves them wounded. They're also smarter than zombies in many other stories and learn to use weapons and true ambush tactics. This makes them not only more credible opponents in a fight but also more fun to read about. When the zombies go at it with the aliens it makes sense that they could take a few down. Chapman's zombies move quickly and they can -somewhat- think. It takes a bit of getting used to but it adds a dimension to the story that most other zombie stories miss.”—Jim (Jimbo) McCoy for Jimbo's Awesome SF&F Book and Movie Reviews. (4.5 Exploding Alien Heads out of 5. See below for the full nine-paragraph review.)

“Mr Chapman has done something that only John Ringo, with his Islands of Rage and Hope series, has previously managed. … Enjoyed it. There were many twists to the story line, all well written and plotted, and the human / Zom interactions had something to 'em I'd never previously thought of…tale well told, original, and satisfying at the end. Well done, sir.”—WhiteGeorge, Amazon France (4 stars)

“I enjoyed this book, a bit different from other zombie books.”—CathyBookWormBrisbane (4 stars)

“clever, interesting twist on zombie/alien.” harry aiken (4 stars)

For the full review of Aliens Versus Zombies from Jimbo's Awesome SF&F Book and Movie Reviews:


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